MU High’s Driver Education Course

 The University of Missouri High School (MU High) is pleased to announce the opening of its interactive online driver education course.


Driver Education, one-half unit, was produced in cooperation with the University’s Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI). LETI’s certified defensive driving personnel reviewed and contributed content to this new MU High School course offering. Both MU High School and the Law Enforcement Training Institute are units of University of Missouri Extension.


Driver Education utilizes an interactive CD-ROM, as well as online student activities. While the course cannot provide behind the wheel experience, it is designed to prepare students for conditions and situations they may encounter while driving. Lessons covered in the course include highway safety, laws, signs and signals, vehicle control, driving maneuvers, emergencies, driving conditions, and travel planning. An all new unit on the dangers of distracted driving—an increasing concern with the widespread use of cell phones and text messaging by today’s teens—has also been added.


Students may earn one-half unit of high school credit, or the equivalent of one semester, upon successful completion of coursework. Although the first lesson is targeted for Missouri drivers, students in schools throughout both the state and country may use MU High’s Driver Education as transfer credit at their local high school.


State representative Judy Baker of Columbia, the location of the University of Missouri, has long been an advocate for teen safety and defensive driving in the state.  Following discussions with MU High School personnel, Rep. Baker filed HB2046 this legislative session which would require every school district in Missouri to offer driver education—a requirement that could be met by using MU High School’s online course.


In fact, Rep. Baker’s legislation includes a clause for the establishment of a state appropriated “driver education fund.” Should HB2046 pass, “money in the fund shall be used by the department of elementary and secondary education or the University of Missouri Online High School to provide the driver’s education course. . .to students who qualify for reduced price lunch at no cost to the students or his or her parents or legal guardians.”


(retrieved 4/9/08 from


–Kristi Smalley


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