Michael Amick is Energized!

 “I’m Not Crazy!”

I find myself saying this often after trying to advocate for an online instruction technique to a naysayer.  The annual AACIS conference is not only a great place to network with independent  study/distance ed.  folks,  it’s a chance to validate that I am not crazy for working in online education. 

 At the 2007 conference in Ogden, I was able to attend a session that provided me with a real way of offering lab sciences online–that had been fully researched, to boot!  This has been a major sticking point on my campus and seeing it presented and being done so well was a much needed affirmation for me. 

I am already looking forward to St. Louis because I am sure by then I will be feeling a little nuts and will be in need of the benefits the conference offers. 

So it is nice to know I am not crazy; either that, or everyone at the conference is …hmmmm.   


–Michael Amick

 Director of Online Learning

Central Lakes College, MN



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